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Would you like uncover your true singing voice?
Make your voice strong and reliable by building a truly efficient technique?
Achieve vocal balance, and so develop the genuine beauty of your voice?
Or simply  learn how to use your voice in a way that will improve your mental and physical well-being?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I can help!

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  • I practice a modern approach to voice teaching. No guessing, no vague visualizations, just a powerful combination of proven vocal science and pedagogical experience
  • 20+ years of operatic experience helps me to recognize early problems and correct them before it’s too late
  • The teaching is geared towards achieving muscular balance in the operatic voice
  • My holistic approach also improves the vital dramatic aspects of a vocal delivery – because your voice is only one part of a quality performance.

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Dr Katherine Osborne, University of Northern Iowa:

” Meta Powell’s superb vocalism and artistry, along with her knowledge of the vocal instrument and pedagogy, make her a tremendously effective voice teacher.”

Dr Jean-Ronald LaFond, Spain
“Meta is one of the few people I trust completely with my voice, because she has the rare capacity of seeing beyond mere muscular function and get to the root of the singer’s issues.”

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