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“Meta Powell’s superb vocalism and artistry, along with her knowledge of the vocal instrument and pedagogy, make her a tremendously effective voice teacher. Her open, kind demeanour and additional studies in meditation and bodywork bring a depth and finesse to her teaching method to which students immediately respond. I recommend her services to anyone who seriously wishes to improve his/her singing skills.”
Dr. Katherine Osborne, University of Northern Iowa, USA

“Meta Powell is among the very best singers I have ever had the pleasure to teach.  Beyond that, she has a natural gift for teaching and rare sensitivity that makes her an extremely wise guide to anyone who wishes to follow the path of singing. I recommend her always to my students and colleagues who find themselves in the U.K. and need vocal guidance.  A singing teacher who is also a singer needs other ears as well.  Meta is one of the few people I trust completely with my voice because she has the rare capacity of seeing beyond mere muscular function and get to the root of the singer’s issues. Any singer would be lucky to have her as their teacher.”
Dr Ron LaFond, Valencia,Spain

When I met Meta, I wasn’t sure what to expect: I’d loved opera for decades, knew I had the makings of a good voice, but had never developed a solid technique. Six months on now, Meta’s gentle but firm guidance has helped me begin to develop the basic functions for singing, which are also turning out to be life lessons. Taking optimal breath that creates presence in the body; letting go of the need to micro-manage every little detail and instead go with the flow, trusting that the body (the universe?) will carry me; the opening up of the physical space in the mouth so that the voice ‘spins’ freely. I look forward to this journey, along with this supportive and kind teacher, who is attuned and responsive to every minute detail in my performance, and in her extensive teaching experience helps me how to fix it. I can’t recommend you enough, Meta, nor can I thank you enough for your patience, and for everything else!
Dr Sofia A Koutlaki, U.K.

I feel hugely privileged to have found Meta; an experienced singer and teacher whom I trust implicitly. Meta is amazingly aurally perceptive; vocal issues are quickly defined and are dealt with positively using carefully selected exercises to achieve a required outcome. She sets continuously high standards, is unendingly patient but will always be truthful.
Working online with her this term has been the highlight of my week and lessons have continued to be challenging and progressive. In addition to helping me develop a solid foundation of vocal technique and understanding, Meta has also given me back my zest for singing. I have found her a truly inspirational lady.
Dawn R., Soprano, London

“Four years ago, as a wet behind the ears boy, I walked into Meta Powell’s voice studio for an initial consultation. Thank you for not throwing me out of your studio then and there! Thank you for being so patient, week after week. Thank you for demanding more and more as I grow into a singer. And most importantly into a more balanced human being. You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had and here’s to many more years to come.”
Azham A., Tenor, London

“Since I started lessons with Meta, my vocal confidence has improved very much. I have struggled for many years trying to overcome vocal issues that only Meta has helped me with. Now I feel more in control of my voice, it’s like now I really know what I am doing. She is very patient but consistent. She is very clear and answers all my questions. She encourages me to do my best and I always feel inspired after my lesson. I know I’m improving and learning something new every time.”
Alma A., Soprano, Mexico

“One of the essential things in her teaching is developing physical strength, and I noticed big changes and benefits after about a year of classes and homework. My teacher likes when her students do homework. On top of that, Meta has valuable knowledge about singing schools and today’s business of singing.”
Egle N., Soprano, London


“Meta Powell out-sang her colleagues with great portentous effect as Third Norn” 
Jim Pritchard, Seen and Heard International, July 2012

..wonderful Brünnhilde of Meta Powell, a cheeky, carefree tomboy whose Hojotohos rang out like trumpet calls.”
Katie Barnes, Wagner News, July 2013

The superb performance of MP in the central role expanded the evening into one of grandeur” John Purser, The Scotsman

Meta Powell showed a range of tone and colour in her voice which enabled her to go from the most tender of the Wesendonk Lieder to Brünnhilde’s window rattling Hojotohos. Both in her physical presentation and timbre of voice she reminded me of a young Gwyneth Jones, a remarkable achievement.”  
Jeremy D Rowe, Wagner News, January 2012

MP sings with distinction and acts with enough tongue in cheek flip to delight all ages”
Alexander Waugh, Evening Standard